A picture is worth a 1000 words

There’s power in a picture because they help us understand and teach history. People connect with images and it shows how life was before the present time.

We at Precision believe that Successful marketing and branding are among the most challenging aspects of a profitable photography business.

We provide photography marketing ideas to help you elevate your business profile.

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Pictures can build a Strong Brand to Stand Out From the Crowd

Ecommerce Product Photography

Investing in high-quality product photography is the best thing you can do for your e-commerce store’s conversion rate. product images had the largest impact on digital purchase decisions, with 83% of respondents saying that product images and photos were “very” or “extremely” influential in their decision process.

Product photos were ranked as more important than product descriptions/detailed specs, reviews and star ratings, and video. When shoppers first visit your store, their first instinct is to skim over your product images to see if something catches their eye. f your images are high quality and show the value of your product, customers won’t hesitate to add the item to their cart, hit checkout and boom! You’ve made a sale!

Product Videography

Adding videos to your eCommerce website can provide a significant boost to your business. It will grab higher engagement, higher average site time, higher sales and most importantly, it will help you win your customers’ trust.

Your product videos can create a buzz around your social media followers. If you are launching a new product, creating awareness about it through a product video can be very beneficial to your business, in terms of brand awareness as well as product visibility.


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